Guaranteed quality and total safety/security

Safety is our main preoccupation.


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Our commitment is a permanent one. It guarantees quality results for you.
  • Personalised monitoring (follow-up)
  • Careful selecting of personnel
  • Continual tools and techniques training
  • Quality performance
  • Following safety regulations
  • Prevention
  • Environmental norms

Our collaborators' commitment and project monitoring guarantee total adherance to fundamental safety regulations

Our management of projects across numerous disciplines and further assistance means that you are assisted from start to finish. We guarantee total adherance to all norms and certificates in place. Safety, health in the workplace and protecting the environment are our main priorities, OGAP Concept has a MASE/UIC certificate.

No Accidents

The QSSE Cell : Quality, safety, health, environment, is linked to the management. This integration policy allows us to be informed of any problems or difficulties that our collaborators may encounter.

OGAP Concept will provide all the means necessary, both in areas of training and purchasing of equipment by supporting our collaborators in the QSSE process, with the principal aim being NO ACCIDENTS.

OGAP Concept is committed to its quality/safety policy, with concerted and systematic efforts allowing us to fulfill our aim.